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ZKS client is rehabilitated after groundless criminal charges

ZKS client, CEO of one of the largest gold-mining companies, was charged with embezzlement and illegal forest cutting.

For two years, his criminal defence was organized by ZKS partner, Mr Sergey Malyukin, and advocate Mrs Irina Poleshuk. The interests of the company were also represented by advocate, Mr Dmitry Tarasov. During criminal investigation, the employees of the company were represented by ZKS partners, Mrs Daria Schulgina, Mr Alexey Bukanev, and Mr Sergey Dyakin.

The law firm Delcredere (partner Mr Denus Yurov) and advocate Mrs Uliana Matveeva represented the company in all civil litigations related to the case.

Initially, the client was arrested. Later, as a result of the succession strategy of the defence, he was bailed by the court. Then, the initial decision on arrest was vacated as illegal by the Russian Supreme Court.
In 2021, the advocates insisted on closing the criminal case on embezzlement and illegal forest cutting against the client.

The prosecution service of the region where the investigation was conducted, officially apologized before the client because of groundless criminal charges.

To see the paper in “Advocates gazette” (in Russian)