Ru Eng

Safeguarding business against fraud

If your company has fallen victim to fraudulent acts, whether from outside or from within, our mission is to help you obtain a fair investigation and mitigate losses.

In most cases, in the context of protecting business against fraud we deal with:

  • financial crime, 
  • underhand dealings with real estate and securities;
  • intellectual property theft; and
  • cybercrime.

It is crucial to engage an outside legal counsel in due time: a sensible combination of efforts aimed at monitoring the law enforcement agencies' actions, analysis of the criminal and civil law implications and undertaking internal investigations helps bring the guilty to justice, get back the assets lost and get compensation for the damage.

If the company's interests are affected in a number of jurisdictions or laser-focused expertise is required, we engage reliable partners and coordinate their work.

Internal investigations and audit are efficient not only in the event of any suspicion of fraud or abuse of office, but also as an excellent preventive measure to ward off any risks of fraud in the future. We will help you map risks, build the system of internal audit, and, if necessary, plan and hold effective and, at the same time, discreet internal investigation.