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Defending defendants, representing witnesses and injured parties in the criminal proceedings

If you are a defendant

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of the criminal law, where a mistake could cost someone his or her future. Nobody is immune to suspicion or charges of a crime. 

Our attorneys have experience of working in the agencies of the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry, the public prosecution office or the Investigations Committee of the Russian Federation. Our strength is not only in our in-depth knowledge of theory and practice of the criminal procedures and law, but also in our understanding of how the law enforcement agencies operate, facilitating our meaningful dialogue in the context of the day-to-day interface and achievement of the best possible result for our clients. 

We represent clients throughout all stages in criminal proceedings – from the special and pre-trial investigations to the trial. Further, we help victims of unwarranted prosecution with rehabilitation and advise on the matters of early release on parole. 

Contacting a criminal defence attorney in time is crucial for successful defence of the client's rights and legitimate interest. For instance, most of the pre-trial inquiries attended by our associates ended on a positive note with an order issued to dismiss criminal complaint. 

If you are a witness

If you act as a witness in the proceedings, it is vital to make sure such standing does not change. Negligence or bad faith actions on the part of certain law enforcement agencies' representatives vis-à-vis a witness might trigger application of illegal methods in pursuit of a particular response from a witness or turn a witness into a defendant. Furthermore, it is important for the witness to make sure his or her role in the process is as pain-free as possible. 

Accordingly, if you are called in for questioning as a witness, take an attorney along with you. Your attorney would see to the due process of law and would help you choose the right tactics.

If you are an injured party

We represent the injured parties throughout all the stages of criminal proceedings – from the start of investigations to the case referral to court and lawful sentencing. 

We will procure that all the arguments and evidence on your behalf are prepared and submitted properly, so as to maximise the chances of the successful outcome of investigations. 

We will see to it that all the necessary procedural steps are taken in a timely manner, so as to avoid a situation where the injured loses his or her right to vindicate his or her interests, and secure efficiency of the investigations.  

Throughout the entire process, we keep in touch with the investigation agencies on your behalf and update you on the progress.