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Audit and mitigation of criminal law risks for the business

We believe that a mature business is in need of a system of preventive measures safeguarding it against criminal law risks. Such system is intended for preventing actions prone to give rise to charges of economic or white-collar crimes, or expose the company to the risks of the business hostile takeover and in the context of a shareholder conflict.

We carry out companies' audit for purposes of identifying criminal law risks, suggest preventive measures, remedy errors and re-adjust inconsistencies, develop internal instructions and procedures, arrange for internal investigations.

If there is a threat of any criminal prosecution, the most efficient course of action would be to assess criminal law risks at the stage when the law enforcement agencies are not yet aware of the details of the purported wrongdoings or when the conflict is yet at its initial stage.

Our experts will look into potential prospects, review documents and would either counter your concerns or propose best ways to mitigate existing risks, ultimately minimising financial, time-based and reputational costs of the business and its owner.