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Safeguarding business against unlawful (unjustified) interference of the law enforcement agencies

In most cases, the law enforcers put pressure on the business in the course of inquiries on suspicions of tax crimes, in default proceedings relating to contractual obligations, including under public contracts, and in the context of entities insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings. 

Quite often, such pressure may be a sign of third party interests being at play, for example, unlawful methods of competitors or an attempted hostile takeover of business and assets. 


  • your company ended up on the radar of the law enforcement agencies, as you come to know from your bank, counterparties or from any other sources; 
  • general director, chief accountant or other employees of your company are called in for giving clarifications or questioning;
  • your company has received a written request for provision of documents to the law enforcement agencies;
  • premises inspections or searches are held in your company where law enforcement officers seize documents, computers and other media storing significant information; 
  • as a result of the inspections, criminal proceedings are initiated on economic or tax related matters,

we recommend contacting an attorney immediately. Timely and qualified support by the experts in such circumstances decide not just the outcome but also the extent of how traumatic the process would be, both for the head and for the company, as a whole. 

We will see to it that the law enforcers stick to the law, and will train your staff on the right course of conduct in the context of such procedures. Drawing upon the wealth of their experience and in reliance upon the sure-handed strategy of conduct and communications in such situations, our attorneys help reach a compromise and deal with such interferences in the business operations of the company in a conflict-free fashion, oftentimes, in situations which could have given rise to criminal liability.